Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easing a child's worst fear...

When "Hats and Hair from Kids who Care," Founder and cancer warrior/survivor, Chase Burch found out that the number one fear for little children who receive a cancer diagnosis, is not their own mortality, but is actually losing their hair-- she decided that giving out a few hats & hair along the way was not enough. Even though she has personally given out over 250 of them and has also helped disperse over 300 others, she felt that we need to do what ever it takes to get our hats & hair to as many kids as possible. Because of this, we are excited to let you know that we have now signed and sent in all the papers that will turn"Hats and Hair From Kids Who Care" from a small charitable cause into an official Non-Profit Charity! We truly hope that this will help us to accomplish Chase's dream, that every child that is told they will soon lose their hair, will someday have a hat & hair at their side when they do. So for those of you who check in on this site, we will let you know as soon as our non-profit status becomes official!

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  1. Chase, sweet Chase! Yet again you provide a beacon of light for others to follow. We are so blessed to call you our friend. Much love from Logan, Utah.
    Jenna and Regina Eliason